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Creativity in science could be described as the act of putting two and two together to make five.

                                                                                            Arthur Koestler


Two combinations are available. You can either choose to have one or two cord trims with the optional addition of the bows, or just opt for the “bolero” denim bows.
Browse the colour guides in our shop to help you choose:
-    The colour of the fabric
-    The colour of the edging
-    The outer cord trim 1 
-    The inner cord trim 2 (optional)
-    The frill (optional)
-    The colour of the fabric
-    The colour of the edging
-    The style of “bolero” denim bows

Pictures below every product in our shop can help you select the perfect combination.

N.B. The denim bow cannot be matched with the cord trim or with the frill.

Showcase your style with customised trim

LoveHorses can recommend the best coordinates and fabrics for your style and look. If you want coordinates for team championships or in the official colours of your riding school, LoveHorses can also customise the colours of the cord trim. The cord trim is made from three cords twisted together with a different colour for each cord. You can choose the colours featured in your riding centre’s logo. A minimum order of five saddle cloths is required for this type of customised work, which usually takes about thirty days, including delivery. LoveHorses is happy to help you choose and mix and match the best colours.

The latest from LoveHorses coordinates

What makes LoveHorses total looks so special?
Some coordinates are quilted with the same fabric and feature exactly the same colour.
For example, the matching Bioceramic “Collinus” and Airnet “Jelona” are made with the same cotton gaberdine fabric with 10x10 diamond quilting. Match these with our handmade Egyptian cotton fly veil and you’ve created a stunning look!
Our fly veils are available in three styles - shortmedium and long – each with their own unique features.
The long fly veil attaches to the bridle’s headpiece, while the short version stops just below the brow band and does not flap when galloping. The medium version is a classic fly veil in the standard length.
We have an extensive range of twisted cord trim to choose from in just one colour or a blend of three. We also have a rather special jute version. We can customise your items with one or two cord trims or with piping featuring delightful “Bolero” Denim bows which are available in four colours. Combining the frill with the cord trim adds a fun, whimsical touch to the overall look and is highly recommended for ponies as it is a firm favourite with our young female riders.

Embroidery and initials

Embroidery provides the most exquisite effect when customising your items, making each one unique with its own timeless style.
We embroider logos and names on your saddle cloths and rugs with the highest standards of quality and detailing. We use special software programmes to create your logo in an embroidered format.

There is an initial fee to create the design, but this can then be used for your future orders at no additional cost.

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