A love for her horse.
This was Barbara Chemoli’s initial inspiration.
First Barbara invented the innovative Body Bandage. This was followed by a succession of creations designed with horses’ well-being in mind and the introduction of bioceramic technology to promote microcirculation and provide cold-weather protection. Next LoveHorses designed a mesh fabric with the Airnet® system of air tunnels that aid heat dispersion in hot weather. All items are handcrafted exclusively in Italy. This is very important with Barbara placing a strong emphasis on local artisans so she can focus her care and attention to detail on every step of production.
Barbara also has a remarkable talent for matching the core concept of “well-being” with elegance and beauty in every single LoveHorses creation.
Love, passion, respect, research, innovation and elegance.
Welcome to LoveHorses!


“I had to protect my horse and desperately needed to find a solution… but how? 
It was a real problem… and then it suddenly occurred to me one day why don’t I wrap him. I bought some elasticated fabric that was 12 cm wide from the haberdashery and roughly sewed two pieces together to create a strip that was 24 cm wide. It was my first attempt… and a complete disaster. 
Although tight enough under the girth, it wasn’t attached to anything and within a few minutes slid backwards along Arduy’s (my horse) body who started bucking his way around the sand school like a maniac!
But I didn’t despair and tried again the next day. I attached it to the martingale, but that wasn’t the ideal solution either.
Step by step and week by week I continued making alterations and searching high and low for the best materials and hardware to perfect my new product.
I eventually succeeded with excellent results; I’d finally created the “Body Bandage.” 
As soon as Arduy wore the body bandage, his sores were protected by the stretchy fabric and healed up. I was over the moon because I could keep riding without being separated from my four-legged friend.
I’d finally achieved my first goal.”        

                               (Barbara Chemoli)

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