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Updated: May 26, 2023

How to prevent and combat worms and parasitic infestations.

Anthelmintic “wormers” are a drug that expels the parasites (worms) living in the horse’s intestines.

Different types of active ingredients are used to treat gastrointestinal parasitic infestations which vary depending on the type of parasite.

The most common worms that infest horses are small strongyles, known as small redworms, and ascarids, also called roundworms.

The first symptom is itching around the anus.

An infested horse will have rubbed its tail.

Other possible symptoms may include weight loss, dysentery, diarrhoea, etc.

In addition to worming your horse, it is vitally important to maintain a rigorous hygiene programme every day to ward off any parasitic infestations. This means that you need to regularly remove droppings to avoid faecal-to-oral transmission from one horse to another.

For your wormer to be effective it must always be given as and when instructed by your veterinary surgeon

To help to prevent worms, horses can be wormed every four months or twice a year (spring and autumn) with twenty days between one dose and the next.

Dr. Corrado Giacon


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