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Looking for the perfect gift to surprise someone special or are you simply seeking to enrich your daily routine with a stylish touch of elegance?

At LoveHorses, we are excited to reveal our latest creation: soft cotton waffle towels exquisitely embellished with cotton lace.

LoveHorses towels are much more than mere towels. Made with the same fine-quality cotton used to quilt our saddle cloths, these sumptuously soft towels offer the wrapped-in-a-hug softness you love with waffle weave for fast drying, and add a touch of elegant luxury to any interior.


Thoughtfully designed with love, LoveHorses towels are the perfect present for any special occasion.


The cotton is stabilised so it retains its shape and soft texture even after repeated washing.


Choose premium quality, comfort and elegance with LoveHorses towels!


PriceFrom €32.00
Honeycomb colour
  • For information about orders to non-EU countries, please go to our “Shipping” page

  • Certifications:

    All processes, including spinning, finishing, and the creation of honeycomb cotton, are STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX certified. This certification ensures the complete absence of chemicals.