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The AIRNET® Cooler is ideal for use after exercise.


Sports horses are athletes and like all athletes they need to exercise every day to stay in form. Exercise raises the body temperature so after a workout they also need help regulating the heat produced. Ultralight, the cooler rug’s weave and minute air chambers enhance breathability and help the horse’s body temperature to return to normal in no time at all. The AIRNET® Cooler rug stays completely dry on the inside by wicking moisture.

AIRNET® products have been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

This certificate is issued by the OETI i.e. The Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation. It guarantees the total absence of noxious and chemical substances which could be harmful to the horse.

COOLER QUICK DRY Sheet - Airnet®

Airnet® colors
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