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Deluxe Diamond-shaped10x10 cm saddlecloth: a classic design for impeccable comfort.


During daily training, the 450-gram Terrytex® cotton wadding padding provides excellent sweat absorption from the horse.


The outer fabric is made of cotton gabardine and is available in various colors.


The inner fabric is woven honeycomb cotton in ecru color and stabilized.

This means it is pre-washed and resists shrinking even after multiple wash cycles.


Customizing the edges and cords enhances Italian craftsmanship and aims to meet the tastes, needs and requirements of riders.


The materials used for all LoveHorses saddlecloths are manufacterd in Italy and Made in Italy is globally recognized for its excellence.


This choice ensures a higher quality against products made outside the EEA.


Our commitment to quality and attention to detail at every stage of production are clear in the Diamond-shaped saddlecloth, representing an outstanding value, also reflected in its price.


In addition to the cotton gabardine version, the part in direct contact with the horse is available in following variants:


AIRNET® three-dimensional fabric with micro air chambers.


Each of these options has distinct features that allow LoveHorses to offer the product suitable for every need, in the best quality-price ratio than ever!e.


How to Wash the Deluxe Diamond-shaped Saddlecloth:

You can wash the Deluxe Diamond-shaped saddlecloth in a washing machine using a conventional detergent.

You can use fabric softeners, but bleach is not recommended as it may damage the fabric fibers.

After washing, the saddle pad can be subjected to a gentle spin and dried in the open air. In order to keep its color, it is recommended to dry it in the sun inside out, avoiding prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.


All processes, including spinning, dressing and finishing to obtain honeycomb-woven cotton, are STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX certified.

This certification ensures the complete absence of chemicals that could be harmful to the horse.

SADDLE PAD Rombo Deluxe

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