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Lovehorses TREKKING Saddlecloth is the perfect choice for English riders seeking comfort during horseback excursions.


The Terrytex® cotton wadding padding in the Lovehorses trekking saddlecloth offers excellent sweat absorption, ensuring that the saddlecloth fully absorbs the horse's sweat during physical activity.


This effect is particularly remarkable during uphill rides when the horse may sweat profusely due to the physical effort required. Once on the flat land, the saddlecloth begins to dry rapidly thanks to the surrounding air that evaporates the absorbed sweat, allowing the saddlecloth to keep its functionality.

As a result, riders can continue to enjoy a dry saddlecloth even after overcoming the most demanding climbs.


The inner fabric, made of honeycomb-woven cotton in ecru color, is stabilized.

It is pre-washed, ensuring resistance to shrinking even after numerous washing cycles.


All materials used for LoveHorses saddlecloths are manufactured in Italy, and the Made in Italy is globally recognized for its excellence, guaranteeing a greater quality than products manufactured outside the EEA.


Our commitment to quality and dedicated attention at every production stage are clear in the TREKKING saddlecloth, representing exceptional value that is also reflected in its price.



It can be customized with edge and a single cord, according to the rider's taste.



All processes, including spinning, dressing and finishing to obtain honeycomb-woven cotton, are STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX certified.

This certification ensures the complete absence of chemicals that could be harmful to the horse.


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