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Jessica  Springsteen


Prevents and protects girth galls and sores caused by rubbing.




In the past there was nothing to effectively protect horses from the sores and abrasions caused by the pressure of the riders’ legs.

At LoveHorses, the team has always had the horse’s wellbeing at heart and considered the rider’s comfort, so it methodically analysed the problem and developed the world’s first ever Body Bandage.

​A one-of-a-kind idea, the LoveHorses Body Bandage is the result of the painstaking research that we carried out day after day with precision and passion to devise a response to this pressing need.

Fascia di rispetto Lovehorses
Fascia di Rispetto Deluxe LoveHorses

Available in four different sizes, the hypoallergenic elasticated material is perfectly suited to every type of horse.

Secure fit

Super-sturdy hook and loop fasteners. Tested with innumerable opening/fastening cycles, these tapes guarantee outstanding performance even if dusty.


Thanks to a special weave, the state-of-the-art stretchable elastic creates micro-holes which facilitate breathability and ensure a high level of comfort for the horse



It all began by sewing together a couple of ordinary strips of elasticated fabric, which you can buy from a haberdashery in the standard 12 cm format, to create a band that was 24 cm wide.

​But the first prototype presented a significant “technical” hitch. Although tight enough under the girth, the homemade bandage had no way of being attached to anything. Within a few minutes, it slid backwards along Arduy’s (our horse) back, causing our poor four-legged friend no little discomfort and he started furiously bucking his way around the sand school.

​Like any self-respecting researcher, we didn’t despair and continued with our experiments, determined to optimise the Body Bandage by attaching it to the martingale. However, our results did not match our expectations so we had to keep going to find the solution.

​After much trial and error we finally achieved our goal!

We had a working prototype but this presented us with another even trickier challenge: finding materials that would be suitable for ensuring the horse’s wellbeing.

Readily available elasticated fabric strips were not fit for purpose so there was no way we could consider using them. Although they were extremely good value and would have enabled us to sell the product at a knock-down price, they restricted how the horse’s skin breathes and caused increased sweating.

A new-generation elasticated fabric with a special weave turned out to be the obvious solution! When this material stretches it creates microscopic pores that make the fabric even more breathable.

​We met the need for a secure fit and stability by using high-quality materials that guarantee first-rate long-lasting performance, even after repeated washing and wear. In the long term, these are the two factors that cause ordinary hook and loop fasteners to lose their efficacy and become unreliable.

LoveHorses has chosen tapes made by BINDER GmbH, the leading producer of super-sturdy hook and loop fasteners. Tested with innumerable opening/fastening cycles, these tapes guarantee outstanding performance even if dusty.

Fascia di rispetto Deluxe LoveHorses
Fascia di Rispetto Full Contact LoveHorses

The Body Bandage may seem like a very simple accessory, but LoveHorses dedicated the utmost thought and consideration to its creation. This is why it is far better than any of the many attempts that have tried and failed to copy it.

​All this is a great source of pride for us at LoveHorses and helps us to realise that we have devised and developed an effective solution to a common problem in compliance with the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports’ (FISE) new competition regulations.

This quality product has still not been equalled and is so competitively priced that it is an absolute must-have for everyone seeking perfection for themselves and their horses.

​Another source of satisfaction is knowing that our Body Bandage plays an active role in healing the sores and abrasions from which our four-legged friends have always suffered!

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