These are our eight magnificent “LoveHorsesriders
Let me introduce them, starting with our youngest rider!

Matteo Rogiani

Matteo exudes pure class and elegance which he gets from his mum and dad... 

Maria Vittoria Martari

Queensberry, Corlena and Maria Vittoria. Our fantastic, fabulous girls! 



Also from Apulia, he’s following in Lorenzo De Luca’s footsteps...

Federica Miotto

Federica and Domingo

a huge joy


Sarah Tintori

Sarah won the senior section of the 2018 Veneto Championships on her flying grey Cassanova

Aurora Pace

nthusiasm and true love

of horses come together

Sapuppo Giovanni

A born fighter! He’s always jetting around the world flying the flag for Catania! "Dreams come true"!

Alberto Coppari

With Alberto and Jelona we keep flying to new heights!!! TOGETHER TO FLY!

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