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BIO MAGIC PLUS bioceramic liner rug

Over-rugging is the bad habit of putting too many rugs on horses when they do not need them.

Add up the weight of each unnecessary rug or blanket, and you can imagine how uncomfortable horses feel carrying all that extra weight around.

The properties of bioceramic fabric help to keep horses warm in the chilly winter weather.

It only takes a few seconds to slip on the liner and attach it to the rug with practical loops and your horse is protected from the cold!


Thanks to Bio Magic Plus, your horse only needs to wear one rug in the stable or paddock.


The Bio Magic Plus bioceramic liner is the evolution of the Bio Magic shoulder and wither guard, which protects these areas from being continuous rubbed by winter rugs.

Simple to use, the bioceramic liner slips quickly and easily over the head. It is not suitable for horses that spook easily and pull back, which is why LoveHorses has also created an open-front version for our more sensitive four-legged friends.

Horses’ coats often look dull and coarse in the winter, especially if they have been clipped, but the Bio Magic Plus bioceramic liner helps them to stay soft and shiny.

Machine washable at 40° with a spin cycle.


Bioceramic fibres are woven into the sheepskin and retain their beneficial properties even after repeated washing.



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