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With its sheer elegance, great fit and superb comfort, this belt is the ultimate accessory. As with all LoveHorses products, this exclusive elastic belt also features a distinctive design detail: a unique bronze-coated buckle in the shape of a spur. The exclusivity continues with the braided weave, a belt loop featuring a tiny matching heart, and a sturdy leather tip.

The LoveHorses elastic belt is the perfect gift and a real must-have for everyone who loves wearing classy accessories wherever they go!

Just 3 cm wide, the high-stretch design guarantees a practical belt with an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Ideal for active riders who want nothing less than the best, this belt fastens securely and easily without the need to add extra holes or shorten the length.

Whatever the size of the wearer’s waist, the LoveHorses elastic belt always ensures absolute freedom of movement and top-class performance when enjoying any type of sport.

ELASTIC BELT - black and blue navy