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LoveHorses’ BIO BOOTS have been designed for those who do   not wish to bandage their horse, but still want all the beneficial effects of  bioceramics.

How can BIO BOOTS help your   horse:

· Reduce   the harmful effects of cold weather on horses with arthritis.

· Increase   local microcirculation which produces an anti-inflammatory effect.

· Aid   and improve the efficacy of any gels and creams applied to tendons and joints.

· Reduce   the strain-induced swelling of tendon sheaths.

· Help   slow the formation of windgalls.

· Keep   the tendons at an even temperature which can help to prevent injury before   the horse is warmed up.

We recommend closing the hook and   loop fasteners before washing BIO BOOTS by hand or in the machine to maintain   their grip. If not fastened prior to washing, tiny filaments of synthetic   bioceramic sheepskin could become caught in the hooks and reduce their   efficacy over time.

The synthetic bioceramic fibres in BIO BOOTS should not be   used as a substitute for treatment by a veterinary surgeon.

Our synthetic bioceramic product is not a medication; it   cannot and must not be used as a substitute for any medical treatment.

It is however very helpful when used to complement other   treatments.



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