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ARCTIC Fleece - The new innovative horse fleece rug.


A perfect fusion of comfort, durability, and style.


Our fleece rug has been designed with the well-being of the horse in mind, as well as practicality because it can be machine-washed at 40°C.


Key Features:

  1. Excellence Fleece: The interior of our fleece rug is made with high-quality fleece.
  2. Ideal Weight: With a weight of 330 g/m², this fleece rug offers a perfect balance between thermal insulation and lightness. It protects your horse from the cold without weighing it down or limiting its freedom of movement.
  3. Exceptional Durability: Arctic Pile is sturdy and long-lasting, maintaining its shape and performance over time.
  4. Distinct Knit Pattern: The unique outer knit pattern adds an elegant touch to the fleece rug's design.

Why Choose Our Fleece Rug: Arctic Pile is versatile and suitable for all three seasons: autumn, winter, and spring. It's stylish, warm, practical, and customizable like all LoveHorses fleece rugs.

As seen in the photos, you can choose the trim and the cord.

An Equally Important Detail: Embroidery Personalization In addition, we offer the possibility to personalize the embroidery, an equally significant detail to make the fleece rug unique for you and your horse.


Additionally, it is possible to have it in two versions: one for walking without crossed straps, and one that serves as an under-blanket with the straps.

Arctic Fleece Exercise Rug

€180.00 Regular Price
€144.00Sale Price
Colour: Dark blue
Colours of the edging (browse the colour card)