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FLYWING is a perfect insect repellent fly mask for use in the paddock.


The black net hood has been created because horses living in paddocks have a greater exposure to the sunlight in respect to those kept in the stables.


The black colour and the special weaving of the net make a noticeable reduction to the intensity of the sun’s rays eliminating the irritation and annoyance to the more photosensitive. Protects from sunburn by blocking up over 70% of harmful UV rays. There are no contraindications, it isn't invasive and leads to a quicker recovery during the use of treatments such as therapy with an atropine base which consequently causes the dilation of the pupils therefore needing protection from the sunlight.


Filling out the form on the Home Page Dr. Vet. Med. Elisabetta Bacaro wil be pleased t ogive you all the information you will need about our Flywing.


The Flywing’s net is certificated OEKO-TEX®. It’s means that is has being tested for harmful substances (


We recommend to wash it often. It's a quick, simple matter to dunk a mask into a bucket of water with a squirt of mild liquid soap and slosh it around (gently) until all the dirt has loosened and washed away. It dries very quick.

FLY MASK Flywing - Airnet®

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