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Updated: Jun 24, 2023


Protect your horse in style with LoveHorses' colourful Flywing masks! 🐎🌈

Greetings to all our Loveriders and Lovegirls followers! ❤️

We are happy to have such a passionate and close-knit community focused on the love for horses and the equestrian world.

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Today we would like to introduce the Flywing mask by LoveHorses, which is the perfect protection against insects for our beloved equines while they are outdoors.

This LoveHorses branded mask is the ideal solution to protect horses from annoying insect bites, especially midges crawling in the ears of your horse causing severe irritation, pain, itching and discomfort.

This can result in the horse repeatedly shaking its head and getting nervous, leading to permanent injury and increased sensitivity of ears.

The Flywing insect mask by LoveHorses is specially designed to provide complete and comfortable protection for the horse during outdoor activities.

The special weave of the black mesh filters out the sun's rays, allowing the horse to benefit from an adequate amount of light and avoiding discomfort to the eyes.

It’s just like wearing a pair of glasses! Thanks to the combination of these features, the Flywing insect mask by LoveHorses is the perfect solution to protect the horse during outdoor activities.

This mask provides the horse living in a paddock with greater comfort and peace of mind as it is exposed to more sunlight than the stabled horse.

Mask ears are available in a wide range of colours.

Their colour coding facilitates the handling by the riding groom, as this allows the Flywing mask to be quickly associated with the corresponding horses.

Furthermore, the colours can be chosen according to the owners' taste, adding a personal touch.

This mask is also recommended while undergoing atropine therapies, as it limits irritation caused by excessive light.

It is also possible to have the ears in three-dimensional air chamber fabric by Airnet for better air circulation.

The Airnet mask is available in three different colours: pearl grey, sport blue and royal blue.

Recently, a version with ears in stonewashed denim has also been introduced.

The Flywing mask mesh is marked with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label, ensuring that no chemicals harmful to horses are used.

The coloured

fabric used for the ears and the border are made of lightweight and durable cotton gabardine. The buttonhole/hook tear tape used by LoveHorses is manufactured by Binder GmbH (DE), a leading market company, and has been tested for countless openings and closures to ensure optimum performance even after repeated washing.

It is essential to wash the mask regularly, especially after horses have rolled on sandy ground, to prevent eye discomfort caused by dust during drought periods.

Just put it in a bucket with detergent, rinse and let it dry.

It will be ready for use in no time.

In short, the insect mask by LoveHorses is a high-quality and functional product that helps protect horses from annoying insect bites and excessive exposure to sunlight. The choice of bright colours enables its customisation.


Thank you for devoting your time to our blog.

We hope you have found the information provided useful. 🙏❤️🌟


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